Eccome No! Made Me a Pizza Addict!

One confession to make. Bet it won’t be the last one!

I would like to apologise in advance to all my Italian friends. I know you guys are very sensitive about your food!

Generally speaking, I’m not crazy about Italian cuisine. Or, at least not about Italian restaurants. For some reason, they didn’t manage to convince me, to blow my mind, to make me lose my breath, to feel butterflies in my stomach and to be impatient til the next time.

Of course, all this until I went to Eccome No! This small restaurant/gourmet shop completely changed my perspective over pizza! It is the fast food with the kind of slow pizza. In the sense that it is too good to be done in a fast way!

After one year in Brussels, I can honestly say that it is my favorite, from all restaurants, bistrots, pubs, fast foods, slow foods…everything that I’ve tried. And I’ve tried a lot!

1. Location and suitability

Eccome No! is located in the most charming neighborhood of Brussels, if you ask me: Quartier Saint Boniface; more precisely, on 10 Ernest Solvay street. It is the perfect location for lunch or a quick dinner if you work at Porte de Namur or at the European Parliament. If you visit the neighborhood (which is an absolute must) or at least after your Parlamentarium tour, this is the place to grab a bite.

Even more, I was introduced to the place thanks to a friend who celebrated her birthday there. So, I guess if you want to give your friends a real taste of Italy, you can go with a bigger group and they will be happy to accommodate you. But be careful, this place creates addiction! So if you have friends with eating disorders, keep them away!

2. Staff

Eccome No! has the kind of staff that you make friends with! They are most welcoming, eager to talk about pizza or football or Italy or you name it. They will switch from Italian, to French, to English and back.

They always have a big smile on their faces. Especially after you become a regular, like I did. Although, now, after gaining a few extra pizza kilos, they shouldn’t be called my friends anymore. But rather my enemies. Or better yet, my pizza dealers. I believe that describes their status best! You love them, but you hate them in the same time! They give you something that you crave for so much, but, it the same time, you know it’s wrong and you should stop!

3. Food

The most important part: the pizza “al taglio”.

Eccome No! gives you the quite rare chance (especially in Brussels) to eat pizza the way Italians eat pizza- in rectangular pieces.

And they accommodate all pizza tastes. If you are boring and you want to go for the classics, you will find it there. They have it all: margharita, funghi, marinara, amatriciana, whatever crosses your mind.  And it will sure taste better than the classical good pizza.

If you want to try something mouthwatering and unexpectedly fabulously tasting, go for the their special – pizza with wild mushrooms and truffle cream. This one, together with the potato with truffle cream, literally create  addiction! I mean it! I can’t even count the times I dreamed about these pizzas! Even now,while writing this,  I drooled a little bit on the keyboard!

10988692_10153075270108166_2027647092_o (1)

And now, two little secrets:

  • They also organise tasting evenings! Every three months you can try a small bite of their seasonal or regular pizzas, have a glass of bubbly wine and listen to some cool music! Yes, they have a DJ too. Just follow their Facebook page not to miss this great opportunity!
  • If you go there often enough, you get a fidelity card. At ten pizza rectangles, you get one for free.

4. Gourmet shop

If you are in the mood to cook an Italian meal or you’re courageous enough to dare try make the pizza they serve, at home, Eccome No! also has a small shop with bio jams, sauces, pastas, olive oil or truffle oil, olive spreads or pesto, dry tomatoes, different types of cheese or meat, wine or balsamic vinaigre. Perfect to create a spectacular selection of Italian starters for an impressive dinner party!

A personal favorite – Violets taste-like digestive candies. They’re called Leone and their flavor guarantees the perfect kiss!

5. Prices

Now, this is the definition of affordable. The most expensive pizza here costs 5,40, but it gives you a priceless eating experience! The classic ones cost 3,40. One piece should be enough if you just want to get an idea.

Because I’m greedy and I love food, I usually get 3 pieces of different pizzas at once. But after eating all of them, I hate myself, so, I recommend one for the taste, two for hunger and 3 and above for…the hunger games or starvation!

Now go there, taste the wild mushroom truffle cream sauce and let me know if it changed your life! I know it totally changed mine!

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